External frame - a welded structure made from customized shapes. It is placed outside the container, which allows for stacking of the containers. This is a great option for containers that need to be moved frequently and is perfect as construction site facilities. The entire structure is covered with an anti-corrosion coating and topcoat paint. The color can be any color from the RAL color palette









The dimensions of such a structure are not limited because they are made from standard size containers that can be combined into large modules. The dimensions are agreed with each customer individually, depending on their needs.

The maximum dimensions of a single container are 10,000 mm x 3,000 mm (the width may also be larger, but the need for oversized transport must be taken into account).

The welded floor made of hollow sections is suitably reinforced and covered with an anti-corrosion coating. As a standard, we insulate the floor with 100 mm thick mineral wool or polystyrene. The floor surface can be closed with chipboards or MFP boards, and with waterproof plywood. As a standard, we glue PVC flooring on top but it is also possible to install laminated floor panels, checkered plate, WEMA grids, or ceramic tiles!

Sandwich panels:
The walls and the roof of our containers are made of sandwich panels (commonly referred to as Oborniki board). Sandwich panels provide a very wide range of possibilities. The thickness of the panels can be virtually freely chosen by the customers depending on their needs. We use all types of sandwich panels: with polystyrene, polyurethane, and mineral wool cores. Sandwich panels with standard profiles, as well as smooth sandwich panels and panels with many other types of profiles can be used. The color can be freely chosen from the RAL color palette made available by the manufacturer and we can also make our products in non-standard colors. The color can be customized on both sides of the sandwich panels, both inside and outside.

The flashings are made from zinc-coated sheet metal coated with a 0.5 mm thick coat of paint. The color can be freely chosen from the RAL color palette made available by the manufacturer. We use professional sealants for assembly. On our customer's request, we can make flashings from other sheet metal (e.g. stainless steel).

Electrical system:
This is a very individual aspect of the structure that depends on its intended use and needs of the owner. There are hardly any limitations in this respect. We cooperate with a professional company that makes all electrical systems. As a standard installation, electrical cabling is routed on PVC trays. As an option, the system can also be flush-mounted.

A standard electrical system comprises:
⇒ 2 lamps
⇒ 3 sockets
⇒ 1 switch
⇒ 1 switchgear

We use good quality convector heaters and infrared heaters. All heaters are covered by a manufacturer's warranty. Our containers can also be fitted with central heating.

We cooperate with a company with extensive experience. They have a very wide range of windows, made from either PVC or aluminum. The windows can be ordered in in any color from the RAL palette made available by the manufacturer. There is also a choice in terms of the types of glazing used.

As standard, we use doors made by the renowned Hormann company. At the customer's request, we can use burglar-proof or aluminum doors.

There are several options when it comes to decoration of our container, depending, of course, on the available budget. The most durable and beautiful facade material is HPL boards, but it is also the most expensive option. Of course, there is a cheaper alternative for it, namely steel coffers made of coated sheet metal. Lining of the container with paneling wood or combining it with another type of facade is not a problem for us. HPL board HPL + wood Coffers made of coated sheet metal

We additionally retrofit containers with air conditioning, roller shutters, plumbing, parapet walls, burglar and smoke alarms, and many other things. Please call us, if you have any questions!

We work with design companies that will help you prepare the complete documentation for your project (this is not included in the price of the standard offer).

All materials used in our production have appropriate certificates and approvals.
Our containers are covered with a 12-month warranty.


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